Dear Fashion & Fitness Wear Brands, PLEASE Stop Exclusionary Sizing Practices & Promote Size Inclusivity!

Dear Fashion & Fitness Wear Brands, PLEASE Stop Exclusionary Sizing Practices & Promote Size Inclusivity!

The Importance of Size Inclusivity in Women’s Fitness Wear

The worlds of fashion and fitness have long been synonymous with empowerment, strength, individuality, and self-confidence, but not with inclusivity, voice, and diversity. In 2023, clothing brands still ignore the specific needs of more curvy women, stubbornly clinging to antiquated, unrealistic beauty and body standards only a small percentage of women can live up to.

However, thanks to the recent body positivity movement, there has been notable, measurable progress with “size exclusive” clothing brands finally embracing the beauty of size and body diversity. Clothing brands that stopped at size Large or XL are now extending their sizes in recognition that we all come in different shapes and sizes, and so should our fitness wear.

But Why Is Size Inclusion So Important?

Challenging today’s beauty standards stands for embracing diversity. Consequently, welcoming size inclusivity comes with an array of benefits. Having a vast palette of what the female body represents is all about heterogeneity. It promotes the idea that all bodies vary from each other – that women are all shapes and sizes, ALL of which are beautiful. The lack of diversity and inclusivity directly affects our self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, in turn, exacerbating body insecurities and causing feelings of self-shame, potentially setting in motion dangerous behavioral patterns such as crash diets, and eating disorders.

Curvy or plus size women should not feel like outcasts in their own bodies! They should not feel there is something fundamentally wrong with their bodies; they, we, all of us should not feel it is our body that needs to change to fit into a pair of leggings or a T-shirt, but that the clothing needs to change to fit us. We seriously need to flip the script!

Size Inclusion Is About More Than Equity and Representation

At She Rebel, we recognize inclusion is not just about equity but also about voice, self-esteem & self-empowerment. All women should have access to stylish, well-fitting athletic wear that makes them feel confident & comfortable in their own bodies. To feel beautiful on the outside & the inside.

As the saying goes, “when we look good, we feel good.”  And when you feel good, you are more likely to lead an active, healthier lifestyle. I would love to take this a step further and elaborate on how engaging this powerful process is! Imagine – being able to promote the idea that every woman should be physically active and deserves to feel confident and comfortable in her skin.

How Exclusionary Sizing Practices Are Harmful to Girls and Women

By not recognizing that everyBODY matters, there is no way for young girls and women to receive the self-confidence boost and positive body image they rightfully have a claim to. Instead of feeling uncomfortable and always hiding their bodies behind baggy, ill-fitting clothes, females of all ages should receive the foundation that flourishes a positive shift in mindset.

Size inclusivity in women’s fitness wear is crucial to developing a happy, strong, and empowering environment for females worldwide, further promoting body positivity. Challenging the current body standards drives women to create a platform that has the potential to shift lives – from the very core. I implore you to strive for a better future – filled with diversity, acceptance, support, and self-love! Let us break barriers together!

She Rebel: Leading the Charge for Size Inclusivity

She Rebel is at the forefront of the size inclusivity movement in the fashion industry. As a brand dedicated to empowering women of all sizes, it goes beyond offering extended size ranges. She Rebel actively advocates for body positivity, self-love, and acceptance. By championing size inclusivity, She Rebel is reshaping societal beauty standards and inspiring individuals to embrace their uniqueness.

Concluding Thoughts 

Size inclusivity is a topic not talked about often enough. It is time for all women to stand together and proudly show the world that everyBODY matters. Force fashion and fitness wear brands to recognize the beauty of body inclusivity and diversity through your social media advocacy and purchasing decisions. Considering many factors contribute to the beauty of the fairer sex, fashion brands must act accordingly and stop promoting unhealthy body standards with their exclusive sizing practices.

I appreciate you reading my blog! There are many other blogs for you to read! Also, if you want to support my small business, please consider purchasing my size-inclusive range of clothing and follow my social media pages!








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