About Us

Why She Rebel?

The name She Rebel is inspired by the women of our world – all you female rebels, rule breakers & trailblazers – who follow what you believe, do things your own way, love yourself as you are, and empower other women along the way.

We hope our creative, fashion forward designs inspire you to embrace your bold rebel spirit & express your unique individuality every day. We promise you will look & feel amazing, and confident in our thoughtfully created and curated activewear & athleisure wear.  

*Model Nicole Cabral is wearing a sports bra custom designed by us!

Our Mission

She Rebel Fitwear celebrates the beauty of body diversity in women's fitness and athleisure wear. Recognizing that beauty, health, and wellness come in all shapes and sizes, we recently launched our exclusive brand label of size inclusive activewear.

We also curate a thoughtful selection of 30 + brands, both established and emerging, to bring you the highest quality, sustainably made activewear at affordable prices.

All our brands have 4.5 to 5.0 customer reviews because we believe you deserve the absolute best!

We also custom design unique apparel and accessories to meet your every style preference.

*Model Rebecca Gaudiello is wearing a high shine Jade Green sports bra available in our uniquely curated collection of sports bras.

Values Matter

At She Rebel, we are about values, and we make sure our values align with yours. Whether it is reducing plastic waste, supporting women owned business, or buying USA-made products, She Rebel has you covered!

She Rebel’s own exclusive Brand Label is made of premium quality, eco-friendly fabric that we promise will flatter your beautiful silhouette while providing ultimate comfort, flexibility, fit & support.

Where possible, we source sustainably made fitness wear from eco-friendly brands that turn recycled fabrics & plastic into functional, high performance fitness wear - unique pieces of use and beauty.

*Models Leanne Neves & Brittny Norris are wearing sports bras in unique patterns and prints. Available for sale on our website.

Our Fabrics

We offer athletic performance fabrics that are ultimate in comfort, functionality, fit & style. From lightweight, buttery soft fabrics for Yoga to more snug fitting, compression fabrics for high impact activities, She Rebel has the right fabrics for all your fitness needs.

Our fabrics meet industry standards for athletic performance: breathable, comfortable yet durable, stretchable to flex with your every move. Many of our fabrics are also squat proof, moisture wicking, quick drying, have body slimming effects, and more!

*Stacey Smith Hathaway is wearing a compression fit sports bra from 91thelabel & high performance leggings from The Ash, both premium quality, eco friendly brands.

Our Designs

She Rebel’s gorgeous designs are sure to meet your every stylistic
preference & performance goal. Whether you prefer a minimalist style, a bold, chic style, a nature inspired design, or you desire a rebellious vibe, our collections are sure to please.

Our fitness wear is the ultimate fusion of athletic and leisure wear. It is so versatile and comfy you can wear it for heavy sweat sessions, to lounge in, run errands, pair with accessories for a fashion-forward streetwear look, & so much more for unlimited styling opportunities!   

*Models Karen Clattenburg & Kelly Walton are wearing matching Dark Moon Phase Sports Bra & Leggings (sold separately) from eco-friendly brand Yoga