How is Size Inclusion Changing the Fashion Industry?

How is Size Inclusion Changing the Fashion Industry?

The fashion industry is the subject of widespread criticism for its exclusive sizing practices and lack of body diversity. However, with the rise of body positivity and inclusivity movements, today, consumers are demanding more representation and inclusivity from brands. Size inclusion is now making waves and reshaping the entire industry. But one area where size inclusion is making a significant impact is in activewear. For far too long, the fashion and fitness wear industries overlooked the specific needs of plus-size women. It was as if the plus size community was invisible.

However, this is changing now, and it's all thanks to brands like She Rebel that are embracing size inclusivity. This transformative movement is gaining momentum from inclusive fashion on runways to expanding size ranges. In this blog, we explore how size inclusion is profoundly changing the fashion industry and highlight the role of activewear clothing in promoting inclusivity. Let's take a closer look.

Embracing Body Diversity on Runways

Gone are the days when fashion runways exclusively featured models with a single body type – notoriously stick thin. This has been a refreshing departure in the industry, and now we are prioritizing body diversity. Different fashion brands, especially us, display models of all body types, from petite to plus size, for our stylish activewear products. One example is our black racerback sports bra, thoughtfully designed to be size inclusive, to celebrate the beauty of all body types, so plus-size women also see themselves represented in the fashion world.

Expanding The Size Ranges

One of the most significant developments in the size inclusion movement is the expansion of size ranges in our activewear choices. Sports bras like Crisscross Sports Bra, tank tops, leggings, and other activewear outfits today are available in an array of sizes, ensuring that individuals of all body types can find stylish and comfortable options for their fitness journey. By offering extended size ranges, the fashion industry is breaking down all the barriers and allowing women of all sizes to express their personal style and individuality regardless of their size.

Promoting Body Positivity & Self-Love

Social media influencers and celebrities are driving the movement towards size inclusion in using their platforms to promote body positivity and self-love. Plus-size models like Ashley Graham have made it their mission to encourage individuals to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. Moreover, the fact that brands finally offer stylish and practical workout clothes in larger sizes emphasizes the idea that being healthy and fit is not exclusive to one body type. Through promoting self-confidence and self-appreciation, the fashion industry is transforming society's conventional beauty ideals and inspiring people to embrace their individuality.

But Why is Size Inclusion Important?

Fashion is no longer just for the select few. With the size inclusion concept, everyone can feel comfortable and confident in whatever they wear. Moreover, being able to access clothing that fits well and feels good is essential. Size inclusion is about embracing diversity and celebrating the fact that there is no one “ideal” body type. Hence, the importance of size inclusion in fashion cannot be overstated.

She Rebel: Leading the Charge for Size Inclusivity

She Rebel is at the forefront of the size inclusivity movement in the fashion industry. As a brand dedicated to empowering women of all sizes, it goes beyond offering extended size ranges. She Rebel actively advocates for body positivity, self-love, and acceptance.

She Rebel's collection of sports bras, leggings, and other activewear outfits feature inclusive sizing, supportive features, and trendy designs that make every woman feel confident and comfortable during their fitness journey. By championing size inclusivity, She Rebel is reshaping societal beauty standards and inspiring individuals to embrace their uniqueness.


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