Your Detailed Guide To Choose The Right Activewear

Your Detailed Guide To Choose The Right Activewear

Activewear is increasingly popular today as the trend toward health consciousness is generating greater consumer demand for premium quality, multi-functional fitness apparel. Quality activewear improves workout efficiency by keeping you comfortable, cool, and well supported. Your activewear choices undoubtedly influence how optimal you feel while working out and post-exercise, and the right activewear will dramatically improve your performance.

Several factors affect the quality and functionality of your activewear. Our detailed guide with help you to select the right rebel gym clothes and other workout essentials. Keep scrolling to read on.

Guide To Choose the Right Activewear:

The right choice in activewear can significantly affect your motivation, boost your confidence, improve workout efficiency, and even elevate your mood. After an intense workout, you may feel fantastic from an exercise-induced endorphin surge, but as your workout euphoria wears off, you may feel sore, exhausted, and covered in sweat, making “comfort” the number one criterion in choosing the right activewear.

“Comfort” comes from fitness apparel that is well-fitting, breathable, and has moisture wicking properties (i.e., moisture absorbent material that keeps you dry and cool). Moisture wicking activewear is a quintessential basic for the comfort, breathability, and style you need to crush your workout. Also, choose light and flexible fabrics that make you feel unrestricted and free to move in all directions. Consider selecting activewear made from 4-way stretch material (i.e., fabric that recovers well after stretched length and widthwise) that moves with your body, not against it, which is key for comfort and workout efficiency. Exercising in comfort not only boosts motivation and performance, but it also protects your skin from itching, rubbing, irritation, and excessive perspiration, which can cause overheating.

Determine Your Specific Activewear Needs

The type of “support” is also a crucial factor in choosing the correct attire for your activewear needs. While most activewear is suitable for a variety of physical activities, certain types of materials, such as compressive fabrics, are, by design, built specifically for high intensity activities like interval training and sweaty gym workouts. If you plan to participate in strenuous activities like HITT classes, you will need a compression fit sports bra designed to hold your breasts in place. Though usually stretchy and comfortable, low, or minimal impact sports bras are impractical for strenuous activities because they do not provide the support your breasts need.

In shopping for your perfect pair of leggings, pay attention to the waistband, as the waistband can have a significant impact on how comfortable and supported you feel during a workout. High waist leggings with a thick waistband provide optimal support for medium to high intensity workouts like running and HIIT training, while low-rise leggings are impractical for these types of activities because the waistband tends to move around, often revealing areas that you may want to cover. However, low-rise leggings are perfect for more low impact activities like hiking, walking, and Yoga.

Pick Workhorse Fabrics 

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of selecting workhorse fabrics, those with moisture-wicking, quick dry properties that keep you cool during even the most intense workouts. Consider cotton shirts and pants that absorb sweat and do not pull away from the skin. For added comfort, consider lightweight, airy, loose-fitting tops that drape well and compliment your body. However, avoid fabrics that do not breathe, or clothing made from rubber-based or plastic-based materials. Who could love clothes full of sweat sticking to your body?

The good news is that activewear brands are constantly developing innovative technologies to meet growing consumer demand for multi-functional activewear, such as leggings that are squat-proof, quick drying, have body slimming effects, and even “booty lifting” cuts.

Choose The Right Fit

Another factor to consider when choosing activewear is the fit. Choosing the right fit can be a challenge, especially for tall women and women with legs that are longer than average. If you are tall, then shop specifically for leggings for tall women. Consider full-length leggings that run down to the ankle, or a stylish pair of cropped leggings that sit anywhere from mid-calf to just above the ankle bone. They are too short if they sit higher than mid-calf when in a standing position.

Also, consider choosing fitted fabrics that comfortably hug your body, especially when running, cycling, or hiking. Otherwise, you risk injury from trips and falls if clothing is too loose or ill-fitting. For activities like yoga, stretchy and fitted fabrics work well as they wick away sweat easily. Ultimately, just choose activewear that is comfortable and does not get in the way of your workout.

Focus On Muscle Protection

The right type of sports leggings will support and protect your muscles during workout sessions. For moderate (i.e., cycling) to strenuous activities (i.e., running, interval training) that really work your leg muscles, always look for leggings that have a “compressive” or “compression fit.”  Compression fit leggings protect your muscles during exercise by applying gentle pressure to your glutes and legs in the right muscular location. This pressure, in turn, promotes more efficient blood flow to your muscles, minimizing any muscle soreness and cramps during and after workouts. The benefits are faster muscle recovery and better overall performance.

The takeaway is to always opt for apparel that protects your muscles and provides them with the needed support.


This guide will help you choose the right activewear that suits your needs and makes you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. You can fulfill your desire to shop amazing She Rebel gym clothes specifically curated to be comfortable, supportive, and multi-functional. She Rebel also offers an extensive selection of size inclusive activewear from 2XS to 7XL.

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Happy Shopping!


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