Activewear Wardrobe Essentials For Women in 2022

Activewear Wardrobe for Women

Designed for performance, activewear apparel is now more fashionable and stylish than ever. From basic black to bright colors, like hot pink (trending during Paris Fashion Week!), to graphic shapes to bold cutouts to every print imaginable (Want unicorns and donuts on your leggings? Kitties and Flowers? Zebra stripes?), there is nothing like trendy, stylish activewear to boost your confidence and encourage you to hit the gym.

However, with so many options, like moisture wicking biker shorts with pockets, it can be overwhelming to make the right choices for your unique activewear needs! If you are not well-versed in activewear, sportswear, gym wear, or athleisure wear, this blog will serve as your ultimate guide. So, keep scrolling down to learn about the activewear essentials you will need in 2022.

5 Activewear Essentials that Every Woman Should Own

Sports Bra

The functionality, fit, feel, and style of a typical sports bra has improved immensely thanks to innovations in the activewear industry. A well-fitting sports bra made from compressive fabric is an absolute necessity for any workout. It improves performance, helps prevent injury and back pain, holds your breasts in place regardless of the intensity of your workout, and can have an enormous impact on your confidence level.

The fabric should also be moisture wicking to keep you dry and comfortable during your workout. In terms of functionality, look for a sports bra with:

  • a racerback design,
  • extra shoulder support,
  • a strong bottom band, and
  • flexible or 4-way stretch fabric that allows for full range of motion

For added comfort, consider a sports bra with a clasp free, pull-over design and removable padding. Currently popular for low to medium impact activities, like Yoga and cycling, are light compressive fit sports bras with a butter soft feel.

From Size Small to a plus size sports bra, there are options for many, but not all sizes (in a future blog, we discuss the lack of size inclusivity in the activewear industry), but you can find a sports bra in virtually every print, pattern, and color.


A high-quality pair of performance leggings is a crucial investment for your fitness wardrobe. Compressive fit leggings that accentuate your shape, are high waisted (they have a slimming effect) and are flexible or made of 4-way stretch fabric that allows for full range of motion, are not only a real confidence booster, but they also dramatically improve performance and blood circulation, and help prevent injury.

Look for sweat-resistant fabric or those with "moisture wicking", "quick dry" properties. Other essentials to look for in a pair of leggings:

  • good muscular compression (what woman does not want leggings that hug her muscles flawlessly?),
  • high UV protection (UPF 50+) to protect you from the sun's most harmful rays,
  • colorfast or fade free and bleed free fabric,
  • and squat proof fabric thick enough so that your leggings are not see-through with every bend or squat. No more visible panty lines at the gym!

Though not a must-have, perfectly placed pockets are a welcome addition to any activewear wardrobe. Leggings that offer extra functionality, added comfort, and great versatility, are a must-have addition to your apparel wardrobe.

Wicking Tops

Your activewear wardrobe is incomplete without wicking tops (i.e., those with moisture wicking, quick dry properties). They make an excellent choice for the summer season and go well with sports bras, leggings, and casual wear such as sweats and joggers. It is easy to sweat excessively and overheat during an intense workout. Overheating can cause exercise-related heat exhaustion, which can be serious, so make sure to select fabrics that wick the sweat away and help you stay cool and dry. 

For added comfort, consider lightweight, airy, loose-fitting tops that drape well and compliment your body. For the sizzling summer months, consider sleeveless tops with high UPF protection, but do not forget to wear sunscreen! 

Tank tops, printed T-shirts, and performance tops with moisture-wicking qualities are quintessential basics that will give you the comfort, breathability, and style you need to crush your workout. From the high-endurance athlete to fitness newbies, there is a top for everyone! 


Hoodies are the ultimate solution to athleisure. Though hoodies started out as performance wear, today they are a fashion staple. There is no other activewear as versatile as the hoodie. Whether running errands on a chilly morning or doing cold temperature workouts, hoodies are the perfect pick. While they are amazing for colder months, you can wear these adaptable garments as activewear, leisurewear, and casual wear. You can also wear this versatile piece as an outer layer on a cool summer night. Crop hoodies are great for a street style statement while doing a workout. This year-round apparel completely deserves to be in your activewear closet.


Pairing your crop top, hoodie, or sports bra with shorts will instantly elevate your look. When we talk about shorts for women, biker shorts make an excellent choice for workouts. These shorts are versatile enough to workout in and outside the gym. Besides, you can style them in multiple ways. A graphic T-shirt with biker shorts is perfect for a casual yet sporty feel. Biker shorts, designed for comfort and flexibility, allow you a full range of motion while providing the right amount of breathability. 

Features to consider in purchasing activewear shorts, especially for wear during sizzling summer months, are excellent UV protection and sun cream and oil resistant fabric. Shorts with a compressive, yet comfortable fit and high waistband that smooth over and flatten your tummy area are always a popular choice.

And consider purchasing a nice pair of fashionable athleisurewear shorts, a trendy style choice, for lounging around, running errands, and other daily activities.


When choosing activewear, functionality, fit, and style should be your motto. Also, we recommend selecting apparel that lets you mix and match easily. We know fusing trends with activewear is not easy, but you can always get a desired and fine-styled look from the essentials that we discussed here. The good news is that now you do not need to search for the right place to buy your fitness garments because She Rebel is your one-stop shop for a range of stylish and comfortable options from casual fit leggings to a plus size sports bra to so, so much more!

No matter your shape and size, you deserve high quality activewear that compliments all your gorgeous features. At She Rebel, we recognize that EVERY body is beautiful and unique, which is why we offer an extensive collection of size inclusive activewear, making us truly representative of ALL women.  Visit our collections today!


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