Athleisure Wear Style Tips For Curvy Women

Athleisure wear for curvy women

Activewear clothes have become a lifestyle with their functionality extending well beyond the gym. Wearing athleisure wear while shopping at grocery stores, running errands, or sitting in a coffee shop is a norm now (thanks to the likes of Gigi Hadid and other fashion icons). Moreover, with activewear fashion becoming more inclusive, there is something for every body shape and size. From a plus size sports bra to sweatpants, you can find a shelf dedicated to almost every plus-size category.  

More brands are now considering body inclusivity in the manufacture of their fitness wear, defying society's unrealistic body standards. Consequently, plus-size activewear is becoming a fashion trend today! We have some amazing style tips for athleisure wear that not only flatters your curves but also make you feel and look good.

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Discard Your Regular Sports Bra & Choose A Compressive Fit Sports Bra 

Have you ever regretted buying a cute animal print sports bra that failed to provide ample support for your breasts? We all have been there! There is no doubt that sports bras are important for women of all sizes and body shapes. But for plus-size women, "compressive fit" sports bras are even more of a necessity.

A compressive fit plus size sports bra provides better support and allows for a full range of motion while perfectly adapting to your body's contours and keeping your assets in place during an intense workout. Make sure to choose fabric that has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry. 

Pick Body-Friendly Tanks with The Right Shape

Sleeveless tank tops are important parts of the athleisure look. But a common misconception prevailing in society deems only slim-fit bodies suitable for sleeveless tanks. It is all about the right proportions and balance of silhouette to make your activewear clothes fit and flatter you. You can never go wrong with a breathable, flowy tank. Always consider these lightweight tank tops that drape well to compliment your body.

Tank tops usually come with wide shoulder straps, and you can wear them as a stand-alone shirt or layered underneath another piece. If you want something that keeps you comfortable during your workouts or beach walks, a tank top with quick dry, moisture wicking properties is your go-to option! 

Prefer Form-Fitting Leggings Over Baggy Pants 

Wearing form-fitting clothing is no more a fashion taboo for plus-size women! And it never should have been a taboo. The fitness wear industry's bias against our curvier sisters is for a future blog! 

Ladies, please do not hide your body or cover it with shapeless styles! Instead of covering up the areas you are self-conscious of, flaunt them with confidence. In place of hiding behind baggy pants, pick form-fitting leggings that accentuate your natural curves. In other words, show your beautiful body to the world!

The good news is that you can shop for leggings that flatter your silhouette, and, if you prefer, leggings with body slimming effects and booty lifting cut are always trending among women of all shapes and sizes. A pair of high-waist leggings are great for medium to high-intensity workouts such as HIIT training, whereas low-rise leggings are best for low-impact activities (such as yoga, hiking, and walking). Choose high-waist leggings for added support during intense gym workouts.

Look For Sweatpants & Joggers for Comfort

Sweatpants or joggers are perfect for those low-key days when you just want to relax at home. You can go with athleisure style sweatpants that give you a sporty look even outside the gym. Look for a black sweatpants women's collection that fits your style needs. In addition, you can create a chic athletic look with sporty joggers that feature elastic waistbands for comfort.

Go For Relaxed Tops, Not Tight-Fitted Ones 

When looking for athletic tees or performance tops, choose the ones with a relaxed fit, not tight-fitted ones. The whole point is ease and comfort. No one likes a workout top clinging too tightly to the skin. Besides, tight-fitted tops, if not properly designed, can restrict movement during your workout. 

On the other hand, relaxed tees are a more comfortable choice for sweaty gym workouts, but make sure they have quick dry, moisture wicking properties. Furthermore, a straight-fit sweatshirt flatters your shape and size without looking like camouflage. Please do not make the camouflage fashion mistake, ladies! 

Lastly, oversized pullovers and hoodies are great options during chilly weather or winter.

Takeaway- Where to Shop?

We all have been trying hard to fit into societal beauty standards. But we need to remind ourselves that everybody is different! Embracing your body shape will elevate your confidence. Accept your flaws and wonderful assets to make better style decisions. Choose the right activewear and athleisure wear clothes that let you flaunt your curves and not hide them!

Also, do not forget to consider the fabric quality, which should be breathable, comfortable, and consist of moisture-wicking properties. You can get what you want and shop for multi-functional and supportive activewear clothes from She RebelVisit the online store to explore a wide collection of size-inclusive activewear (from 2XS to 7XL). Find your favorite athleisure wear outfit in your size at very affordable prices. 

Happy Shopping!



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